We Handle The Complete Installation and Billing Process

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Installation of Meters

We use high quality meters in our installation process. Insuring reliable and accurate water metering. Meters are installed on each homes water supply allowing us to individually monitor and bill homeowners for their usage.

Meter Reading Service

All meter reads are performed by our experienced and friendly staff. We use handheld electronic meter reading devices to insure accurate data collection.

Bill Processing Service

We administer the complete billing process making our system effortless for community HOA's. Printing, mailing and payment collections are all included. Water shuts offs and past due collections are also done by us. We utilize a state of the art billing system that is integrated online allowing homeowners to access bills, acct history and securely make payments. We accept all major forms of payment including debit/credit cards, e-checks and more.

Meter Maintenance

Meters are inspected during the reading process insuring prompt repair or replacement of faulty equipment. Meters carry factory warranties along with a installation guarantee reducing cost to the HOA.